Hotel recommendations

At TV Rise we never use the same venue twice, which negates the need to stay in any one particular hotel.

However, The Hotel Maria Cristina will be our meeting point for the first two days, so that will be the most convenient. A luxury hotel located opposite San Sebastian’s Victoria Eugenia Theatre.

We would also highly recommend Room Mate Gorka a boutique, classically designed hotel in the heart of downtown San Sebastian, just a 3 minute walk from Hotel Maria Cristina.

abba San Sebasrián is also a great option as nearby to the Hotel Maria Cristina, just a short 6 minute walk away. A beautiful hotel next to the river on the Paseo de Francia.

The Hotel Arrizul Congress is a 6 minute walk from the Hotel Maria Cristina. A modern hotel set in the Gros district in San Sebastián.

We also recommend Hotel L’Orologio just a short 8 minute walk away. A stylish hotel in the centre of Florence.

Hotel Maria Cristina
Recommended Hotel