The Concept


TV Rise is a small and intimate gathering of leading TV advertising executives. One of the hallmarks of the event is the strong spirit of cross-industry co-operation with a few to accelerating the shift towards addressable TV advertising in a way that benefits all stakeholders.

Beyond Business Cards

Networking is at the heart of TV Rise and the focus is on providing attendees with the space to forge meaningful and enduring relationships with key global players. That said, you’re as likely to hear attendees discussing their hobbies or children as much as industry gossip. Attendees leave with a feeling that they made new friends rather than just business connections.

World Class Setting,
World Class Cuisine

As well as being one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, set against the backdrop of the world famous La Concha Bay, San Sebastian is perhaps best known for its cuisine. Only Kyoto in Japan has more Michelin stars per square metre than San Sebastian, but the food culture isn’t confined to the high class restaurants and it permeates the entire city. We believe that allowing attendees to share ‘the San Sebastian experience’ is one of the reasons the event is so successful.